Male Strip Clubs

Male strip clubs, AKA- male revue shows, are filled with male strippers performing for wild and crazy, bachelorette parties and ladies nights out who want to see men strip. These strip clubs, are filled with various, exotic, strippers, and can be found in larger cities such as New York, Staten Island, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Seeing a male revue, is a very different experience than traditional, strip clubs.  You will find this to be very high energy, with alot of screaming and laughing.  More specifically, you won’t find any male strip club, open 7 days a week like you would a Gentleman’s Club.  Ladies for the most part come to these clubs to celebrate a milestone event like  bachelorette parties or birthday parties. Whereas a guy will stop by the local strip club on his way to buy a quart of milk.  We’ve noticed the phone ringing on weeknights with ladies calling in and wondering if the revue is open on an off night. But, at the moment it’s too few to justify the expense of opening up. The good news is the weekends are crazy and packed with a variety of male dancers and the energy is high!


Male Strip Club Locations

Male Strip Club in New York Friday and Saturday Nights at 9PM Sharp. Located at 268 West 47th Street (Corner of 8th Ave). The ultimate place for bachelorette parties. Enough good things can’t be said about this place.  It’s a theater setting and therefore the show takes place on a stage.  It’s very wild and very crazy (within reason of course). After the show you have New York City’s hottest after party and you are permitted with free admission.  18 and over. TIP:  VIP seats are strongly recommended for the ultimate experience.

Male Strip Club in Atlantic City Located on the famous AC Boardwalk. Spending the night in AC?  This is a male revue of male models and muscle boys that can  make you smile for sure.  This male revue show is followed by a wild after party. Check this out every Friday & Saturday night in the heart of Altantic City, NJ.

Male Strip Club in Philadelphia Located at 3003 Castor Avenue – every Friday & Saturday at 9:00PM.

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