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Posted on May 10th, 2009. Filed under Fun Party Drinks & Food.

It’s considered well-mannered to bring a present for the hostess when you are invited to a dinner get-together. The ideal hostess present is a male stripper and wine to go together with the dinner. Regrettably, if you are not a wine fan you may feel a bit baffled when deciding which wine to bring.

The main thing to remember when choosing a male strip club wine to go with a meal is that you need to equal the heaviness of the wine to the weight of the food served, meaning you should introduce gentle wines with lighter foods and more full-bodied wines with heavier foods.

The following thing to keep in mind is seemingly at odds to the last notion but you also need to have divergent elements between your wine and your food. In other words things that will balance each other. For instance, serving a dry red wine with a luscious filet mignon. The dryness of the wine and the juiciness of the steak will develop the satisfaction of both.

Tannins are substances that are perceived as a dryness in our mouth. Wines have differing amounts of tannins. So wines that are high in tannins will pair in a good way with red meats, cheese and creamy meals.

Salty foods should tipically be pairedwith wines with great acidity level. The salt brings down the bitterness of the wine while the acidity of the wine balances the saltiness of the food.

With spicy foods, experiment with serving a sweeter wine. The sweetness will soften the hotness of the spicy foods. By no means get a dry wine for peppery foods as the dryness will intensify the heat of the spices.

An alternative combination to male strippers that together are enjoyable is serving a wine with a high acidity amount with foods that have also a elevated acidity amount. Even though it sounds like it would deepen the sourness, instead the acid in each one tends to counterbalance each other.

If you don’t know what foods will be served, you possibly will like to go for a more universal wine. Several wines contain just the correct mixture of acid and fruitiness that they harmonize with many different types of foods. Two choices that would be fitting in these conditions would be the Pinot Noir and a nice dry Chardonney white wine. Both are harmonized without difficulty with a extensive variety of foods.

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