Ladies Don’t Know Much About Men

Posted on December 5th, 2010. Filed under The Head Hunk Has Spoken.

If you are not in a healthy, loving relationship, read on.

Being at Hunkmania, I meet  and chat with many woman from all walks of life.

Ladies, the fact is you really don’t know much about what it takes to attract a good man.

Goal: Happiness from love, sex and romance.

Problem: Our actions, thought and emotions, keep us in a state of “wanting“.

Do you imagine or have an idea in your mind of what that happy relationship looks like?  If not, take a minute, stop reading, close your eyes and visualize what a happy relationship, looks like and feels like.

Pause for visualization.

happy couple

Now hold that picture in your mind. Think of that picture as your favorite, home cooked meal. The kind of meal where you make it from scratch. Every little ingredient you put in is fresh and affects the flavor of the meal. If you substitute and ingredient it will change the flavor completely.

So, how does this metaphor pertain to your relationship? I’ll explain.  The meal is your life. You are the chef. You choose the ingredients and determine what you put in to the mix.  This includes what you do and how you behave when you are single and casually dating. How you pass time, waiting for Mr. Right, creates who you are. If your true goal is to have that great relationship, be married and raise kids, then change your actions, friends, thoughts and pass times that will take you closer to and support your goal. If you say you want one thing and your actions say something else, we all know that “actions speak louder than words”.  That begs the question, “who’s listening?”.  The answer is simple. You unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind, is the fire to the ingredients you put in your life recipe.

You are no longer allowed to blame the guy you’re with. You are the one who put him in your life and you are the one who can take him out. And, BTW… kissing a toad to turn him into a prince is in fairy tales. Don’t date jerks unless you want drama. As a matter of fact, I say if you date a jerk you are not really interested in a relationship at all.

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