Male Strippers Story

Posted on December 1st, 2010. Filed under The Head Hunk Has Spoken.

Male strippers dressed for a Saturday night bachelorette party.  This is typical of strippers to go to bachelorette parties on weekends.  If you’re a female, you know what I’m talking about.  You love, male exotic dancers.  I know most of you hate to admit that you’ve been to see Chippendales, but ever since you’ve had your first taste of a male stripper you’ve been secretly hooked.  The fact is male dancers do for you what your male won’t do.  Most men wouldn’t be caught dead in a male strip club, in New York or anywhere else. Now we know he’s a fan of adult entertainment, female strippers and loves the thought of a drunk, bachelorette being bent over by a stripper in a bathroom stall. So long as it’s not his bachelorette!  As a member of male stripper New York, I can tell you that life is a party. Yes it’s true. Male strip clubs NYC are places where females get to play with hunks and exotic dancers, on what they call a girls night out. We’ve heard dancer stories all the way from Los Angels by Orange County strippers and rumors from a Phily bachelorette party. But, what happens at the male strip club stays here.

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