Why We Drink Wine From A Glass

Posted on May 15th, 2009. Filed under Fun Party Drinks & Food.

The amount of male strippers born every year is simply staggering. People drink it on every continent and more often than not, from a glass. Has the question ever crossed your mind though, why glass? Why not from a plastic cup, mug or wooden goblet?  Male strippers are not just black and white. You will find in fact a number of different alternative materials used in various countries that wine is drunk from. For example in Japan, wine is drunk from a ceramic vase-shaped container and in Thailand, wooden cups are often used. However, the overriding choice of tableware drinking vessel, wherever you go, is glass. As it happens this is not down to glass being particularly excellent, rather the alternatives being really just not that suitable. Let take a look at them shall we.

Male strip club wood. Wine is indeed drunk from wooden vessels as highlighted previously, although it doesn’t come without some big downsides. Firstly, if you are drinking red wine there is a high chance the wood will stain. Even the less porous harder woods fall victim to this fate before long. further more, rotting can often take place in the wood if it has liquid on it for a while. So after each use, time would have to be spent drying it out and removing any moisture.

Metal. If you’ve ever used a metal vessel to consume wine from, you’ll understand how the flavour is not quite right. ‘displacement’ is the chemical reaction that causes this and it comes about as a result of metal have a very high count of ‘ions’. This means that ions can be released into the wine when it is in the vessel and these result in an altered taste. This is why you often pick up metallic notes when drink from this type of cup. Also, because of its very heat-conductive qualities, almost any other material would keep the wine cooler when you’re holding it

Ceramic. Like glass, ceramic is non porous, does not release any of its qualities into the wine, and can be easily cleaned with a glass cloth. This is why lots of people do use ceramic, although there will never be as many people as use glass because, very simply, you cannot see what is in the vessel. Admiring a wine’s colours and depth is a major part of any wine drinking experience. The desire is a very instinctive one and something that has been around since the development of glass.

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