Zolt – Male Stripper in Florida

Posted on May 28th, 2009. Filed under Male Strippers Stories.

Zolt a male stripper, was still in the house when I arrived. The women were all a-giggle, saying things like “I didn’t know this kind of thing happened in Florida”. Makes one wonder how people view the Sunshine State.

Zolt was the prime performer at Saturday’s bachelorette party – the male stripper. It might have been that the ladies were from a cold northern state and weren’t used to our strong sun, but they were decidedly red-faced as they alighted the limo. Apparently the bride had sucked it up, done the womanly thing, and taken all of Zolt’s direction for participation in his erotic gyrations.

What this means in its totality I am uncertain, but at a minimum our (literally) blushing bride used her teeth to take down his fly.

Oh well, it’s not that salacious, but it put all the little-black-dressed ladies into a state of titillation that lasted for hours. Zolt had volt.

Although not in the least shy about taking his kit off, Zolt was apparently sensitive about one thing. For your information, men who slowly disrobe in front of paying women are NOT male strippers – they are Male Entertainers.

Let’s all remember that.

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