Party Planning

Party Planning – Venue, Entertainment & Memories

So, do you Rent a Male Stripper to come to your party or go to a Male Strip Club ? That’s often the common question you are faced with during Party Planning.

Ask yourself this… What do you want your guests to say about your party years from now?  What do you think they’ll remember most? Your answer will guide you through the process.  In the meantime consider the following realities.

By the time you rent a hall, hire the DJ & entertainment, order catering, drinks &  liquor you will be spending alot of time and money in an attempt to create something special. Now in many circumstances this may pay off  but in others it may not. Since a highlight of the night will be when the male stripper shows up it is important to check availabilty for the day and time you need him.  Like with many businesses there are busy times and slower times.  If your party location is in a suburb and you order a stripper during peaks times we may not be able to deliver as the drive time is prohibitive. So many times we get calls from girls who take care of every last detail first and call the entertainment (highlight of the night) last, only to find out that there is no availabilty.

Clubs .vs Halls and Home Parties

  1. Compare dollar cost, time investment and overall experience. Quite often the clubs win over halls.
  2. Home parties are messy and the hostess never stops working.  Get wild, make a mess and make noise at the clubs!
  3. One entertainer at a private party doesn’t compare to a room full of hot naked guys.
  4. Male Strip Club in New YorkMale Strip Club in Atlantic City

Compare all factors when choosing to host a party at a home,  hall, restaurant or a specialty club.  Ask yourself what is the most important outcome when it’s all said and done.  Most of the time the answer is “memorabe and fun”.
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