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Male Stripper from Puerto Rico. “Being that I was born in the Caribbean beaches of Puerto Rico my culture is Latin. My mother traveled alot due to her work where we stopped by Detroit not knowing I was going to be introduced to what my passion is today MUSIC. As I watched for the first time a friend spinning freestyle music I immediately knew this is what I wanted to do. And at the age of 13 in a 2 bedroom apt. he began to teach me what EXHILARATING feeling it was to entwine rhythms by mingling records on a turntable. To be able to do this was a feeling I had never experienced before. Returning to my homeland I literally labeled myself as a DJ offering my services to my mom gatherings and job parties. Amateur as I was I rolled with the punches. But as all rising stars, at 16, I got my first break. Becoming the main DJ at one of San Juan finest Clubs known at the time as Club New York, I grew professionally and immediately was promoted as an entertainment manager. As I grew so did the crowd, converting it into one of most greatest hip hop EXPERIENCE of the decade. My only father figure, my grandfather, died at a very young age. And through the inheritance given to my mother, she bought me my first studio.

Now your wondering from a DJ to a studio, the fact is that through my continuous work as a DJ I acquired a keen ear for creating rhythms. After graduating from a Technical School, now known as Carolina Music of Arts I acquired a diploma on studio engineering. I did some musical backgrounds for some open concerts, school activities and gigs in Puerto Rico. Now I was ready! Making musical production with a few prominent artists we began to participate in certain competitions. Having the opportunity to meet other known artists at the time helped me grow stronger. Along the way I was introduced to an entertainment lawyer who heard my beats and wanted to manage me in New York. At last the break I was waiting for! Culturally fitting in perfectly being that I was completely bilingual and it was like my second home. Since at a very young age I had visited with my mother since this is her homeland.

So here I was at the age of 18 in New York only to be let down very abruptly because I never saw the lawyer again, my studio was robbed became homeless all at the same time. Unfortunately to find out that this road would be full of deception, lies and alot of competition. But my mom raised me to be a soldier withholding any controversy that would come my way. Looking for ways to network I started as a salesman in one of New York’s finest DJ departments. By meeting key individuals at my job performance I was introduced to many clubs that as a DJ promoted my career to branch out in modeling, production and learning musical instruments. With this breakthrough I was able to take artists and their talents to a whole new ground breaking level, as I directed and molded them to fit the sounds that I designed. I’ve been known for my work and drive for success. Starting with a humble beginning and learning hard lessons from the streets, my goal is for my music to be known by the world.”

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