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Posted on December 3rd, 2010. Filed under Wedding Ideas.

Planning a bachelorette night is easy. But, everyone knows, organizing a wedding is a large job. It could be enjoyable, but also extremely nerve-racking.

You might have been told by relatives and friends not to worry by what goes wrong on your wedding day simply because unavoidably there will be the occasional mistake.

But does that actually fill you with the self-assurance you’ll need and lower your wedding anxiety?

Wedding Planning Guide

Personally I’ve not found a lot of weddings where there were enormous catastrophes (I have seen a few, although not many), but I have heard of a bunch of wedding ceremonies where they simply did not go as well as they’d wished.

Keep in mind: You simply get one chance at this! (well at the very least I really hope that’s your plan!)

A variety of things can occur and they aren’t always major, however good organizing may relieve all of the tension associated with being concerned by what may go wrong and allow you to take pleasure in your special day. Here’s a few types of disappointing things that have occurred at wedding ceremonies…

I recall 1 wedding ceremony in which the bride-to-be asked the camera men to film her walking into the chapel. So they shot her from the entrance from behind. She wanted to be filmed from the front!

That same wedding ceremony they ordered  throw-away cameras about 30 days prior to the wedding ceremony, and they did not arrive! They wanted to have these on the tables, and they ended up having to purchase some from the shop for costly prices at the last second. Issue resolved, however oh what emotional stress!

A good friend of my husband got married 4 years ago, and at his wedding ceremony he found after looking at the wedding photos they hadn’t taken a single picture with his mother. What a pity for him as well as for her. Read the Wedding Planning Guide

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